Thermal Flow, Inc.
Mission Statement:
Our Philosophy:
We solely believe that if we save/make money for our clients by getting the job
done sooner (by being more efficient and more knowledgeable than our
competition) and do excellent work, than we will continue to establish good
repeat clients that last for years. Our goal is for a win, win, win, situation to
occur; that is that the contractor wins by getting a less expensive job and a
happy end user, the end user gets a better system (or at least a system that
works better), and we win with profits. We want to help you make/save money.
The Owner:
Thermal Flow was founded by David Johnson Sr. He saw the potential for a
company that helps mechanical contractors make higher profits by using the
knowledge and strategic position that he and his employees have gained over
years of hard work. By providing high quality, less expensive (to operate and
install), climate control systems, this goal is accomplished. In addition to being a
mechanical inspector in several communities throughout the greater Metro
Detroit area, Mr. Johnson holds many high licenses and certifications in and out
of the industry.
Our first priority in business is to conduct ourselves, our work, and how we
work in a manner that is acceptable to our clients and is honest and upright. Our
second priority in business, which is based on the first, is to make/save money
for the contractors, for whom we work. We achieve this goal by keeping
very well educated (going to school on new systems and industry
very often), knowing the codes,  buying the tools that are on the
cutting edge of our industry's technology and by working for our clients just as
diligently as we would for ourselves. Our third priority is to do excellent work for
the end user of the equipment.
Our Employees:
"You are only as good as the employees that you have working for you" David
Johnson Sr. The employees at Thermal flow are, simply stated, "very good". We
work together to save time and come up with the best solutions to problems.
We retain excellent employees by paying them well, treating them well, and
training them. We keep our prices very competitive by being efficient. In addition
to the licences, certifications, and mechanical contractor licenses that David
Johnson Sr. holds, the employees of Thermal Flow, Inc. hold many licences,
certifications, mechanical contractor licences, and years of experience.
Certified Air Balancing & Testing for the HVAC Industry