Thermal Flow, Inc.
Certified Air Balancing and
Systems Testing:
We try to be as fast and thorough as we can be. We only do the testing
"the right way", and will not "pencil whip" the report, but we do push the
equipment as far as we can to make your numbers look good for the
inspector and the end user. The systems that we design accurately
account for CFM loss due to static pressure. If you have ever had a few
balance reports done on your jobs, you may allready know how critical
acurately accounting for CFM loss due to static pressure can be, and
that is why we also offer our CAD services. From what I have been told,
our prices on air balancing are quite competitive (especially good if you
consider that we don't "pencil whip").
Certified Air Balancing & Testing for the HVAC Industry